What are Potentiators?

Potentiators are herbs that when mixed with Kratom or Kava, make it stronger, last longer, have an increased bioavailability, kick in faster, and help add different therapeutic and medicinal effects dependent on the herbs.

Please know that some of these herbs can cause interactions with certain medications and/or conditions. We included some well known interactions but always ask your doctor and/or do your own research. We will advise to the best of our knowledge to help find what helps you feel your best!

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Potentiators Info, Interactions, & Dosing

HerbsDescriptionPossible InteractionsDosing
AshwagandhaRelieves anxiety, acts as an antidepressant, is
mildly stimulating, an aphrodisiac, increases male fertility, aids in muscle gain, reduces body fat, reduces inflammation, lowers cholesterol, improves brain function and memory, lowers blood sugar, can be pain relieving, and lowers high blood pressure. 
Large doses of ashwagandha might cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting. Do not take if you have liver complications. Can cause too much thyroid hormone if taken with thyroid medication
1-3 grams per day
Wild LettuceVery opiatic. Helps with restlessness, pain, asthma, insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, poor circulation and respiratory issues.Can cause drowsiness if taken with sedatives2-3 grams for a single dose
SkullcapReduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure, is a sleep aid, has antiviral and antibacterial properties, enhances your mood, has anti-inflammatory and anticancer compounds, and can act as an anticonvulsant. High doses of the tincture may cause giddiness, stupor, mental confusion, twitching, irregular heartbeat, and seizures. Do not take if you are epileptic or prone to seizures. Do not take if you have low blood pressure.
1-2 grams per day
Damiana Increases sexual arousal and stamina, helps with bladder and urinary tract issues, appetite suppressant, an herbal antidepressant, and is a mild sedative.Can lower blood sugar in high doses
Powder: 6-10 grams per day    

Tea: 8-12 grams in 8oz of water brewed
Slippery Elm BarkHelps with coughs, sore throats, IBD, IBS, herpes, mouth ulcers, diarrhea, UTI’s, Cystitis, constipation, and ulcers.Do not take at same time as other oral medications- wait at least 1 hour before taking other medications4 grams three times a day
WatercressHelps with Kratom and Kava absorption, high in antioxidants and anticancer fighting, is heart healthy, lowers cholesterol, helps against osteoporosis, boosts immunity, is an appetite stimulant, increases athletic performance, fights against bronchitis and cough, and protects eye health. More iron than spinach, high in Vitamin K, and more vitamin C than oranges.Could interact with the drug Warfarin
10 grams throughout the day
Blue LotusAn aphrodisiac, sleep aid, muscle relaxer, high in antioxidants, a good mood enhancer, and mildly psychoactive. Has been used to promote lucid dreaming.Lowers blood sugar so be aware if you are a diabetic5-10 grams per dose
Tongkat AliAphrodisiac, Helps with ED (male enhancement), blood flow, boosts testosterone, relieves stress and anxiety, increases muscle mass, increases fertilityCan cause irritability, insomnia, or restlessness. Do not take it with echinacea. Can decrease blood sugar levels. Avoid use during pregnancy. .5-1 gram twice a day~Don’t take for longer than 9 months
Cinnamon PowderHelps negate the bitterness of Kratom, Increases potency, anti inflammatory, high in antioxidants, lowers blood sugar, reduces risk of heart disease, increases blood flow, aphrodisiac, disease preventativeCan interact with antibiotics, diabetes, blood thinners, or heart medications4-6 grams ~ to taste
TurmericHelps metabolize Kratom slower so it lasts longer, lowers kratom tolerance is anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants, improves brain function, protects against neurodegenerative diseases, lowers risk of heart disease, cancer fighting, helps with arthritis and osteoporosis, helps fight depression **Make sure to add black pepper or cayenne to activate the curcuminCan slow blood clotting. Do not use if you have gallstones or bile duct obstruction. Can reduce fertility in men. Do not use if you have GERD. 10-15 grams with a pinch of black pepper or cayenne
PeppermintImproves Taste, helps with nausea, prevents migraines/headaches, helps with IBS/Crohn’s/Colitis, relieves constipation, analgesic, lowers body temperature, lowers blood sugar, opens respiratory airways, helps with PMSDo not take if you have GERD, hiatal hernia, or achlorhydria. Be careful if you have diabetes.Powder: .5-3 grams~ to taste  

Tea: 4 grams in 8 oz of water brewed
Cayenne Increases the bioavailability of kratom, boosts metabolism, lowers blood pressure, improves psoriasis, cancer fighting, aids in digestion, may help relieve pain, acts an appetite suppressant, a decongestant, high in antioxidantsCan increase stomach acid, in too high of doses can cause stomach upset or diarrhea3-5 grams~to taste
Citric AcidGood alternative to juice for diabetics, increases the strength of Kratom and helps last longer, helps prevent kidney stones, kills bacteria, acidifies urineCan wear away enamel on teeth. Can cause upset stomach in high doses.1-5 grams
Magnesium CitrateDecreases Kratom tolerance, helps with bone strength, blood pressure regulation, proper neural function, good digestion, fights diabetes and heart disease, is relaxing, helps with anxiety, fights alcoholism, manages overall biochemical balance, relieves constipationCan cause diarrhea. Do not take if you have IBS..5-1 gram~ different for everyone. START SMALL! Drink Lots of water.
Yerba MateGives long lasting energy, increases cognitive development, improves focus/memory/concentration, contains all amino acids, rich in vitamins/nutrients, appetite suppressantCan cause nausea, anxiety, heart palpitation, stress, nervousness, and insomnia. Do not take if caffeine sensitive10 grams per 8 ounces of water (brewed like a tea)~less or more spending on person
Valerian RootIncreases kratom effects, induces calmness, pain relieving, sleep aid, helps with digestion, helps with post workout fatigue, reduces hot flashesCan cause dizziness, itchiness, stomach upset, drowsiness, vivid dreams, or drymouth. Do not take if you have liver issues. Be careful taking with allergy medication, antifungal drugs, statin drugs, or cancer medications.3-10 grams
Devil’s ClawPain relief, arthritis relief, treats rheumatic conditions, fibromyalgia, sciatica, nerve pain, gout, and lyme disease, appetite stimulant, help with indigestionCan cause headache, loss of appetite, loss of taste, blood pressure change, nausea, or irregular heartbeat. Do not take if you have an irregular heartbeat, IBS, GERD, gallstones, or are pregnant. 
 1-6 grams
White Willow BarkAnti inflammatory, pain relieving, antiseptic, boosts immunity, headache relief, back pain relief, helps with acne, fevers, and the flu Do not take if sensitive to aspirin. Do not use when breastfeeding. Be careful taking if you have liver issues, asthma, diabetes, or kidney issues.1-3 grams
Orange PeelHelps with anxiety, increases athletic performance when taken with caffeine, decreases blood sugar, reduces indigestion, can help in weight reduction, ease allergies, decongestant, high levels of vitamin C, energizing, good for oral health Can negatively react to antidepressants (fast heartbeat, high blood pressure, nervousness, anxiety). Do not take with dextromethorphan, allergy medications, stimulants, or heart medication
5-12 grams~ to taste
Ginger PowderAnti inflammatory, has antioxidants, helps with nausea, analgesic, aphrodisiac, mild laxative, energizing, helps improve brain function, boosts immunity, antibacterial, fights tumors and cancer, helps with PMS Lowers blood sugar. Be careful if taking anticoagulants or antiplatelets.1-6 grams~ to taste
Apple Cider Vinegar Powder Increase effects and duration of kratom, reduces bitterness, appetite suppressant, lowers blood sugar, high in antioxidants, high in potassium/b vitamins/polyphenols, acts as a probiotic, kills pathogens, manages hormones, detoxes the body, improves skin health, digestive help, fights cancer, improves heart health, lowers cholesterol, aids in weight lossCan erode your teeth/throat/mouth in large quantities. Be careful if you take laxatives, diuretics, heart medication, or diabetes medication. Do not take if you have osteoporosis. 1-14 grams~to taste/desired effect
EchinaceaBoosts immunity, increases white blood cells, high in antioxidants, increases vaginal health, reduces flu symptoms, stops coldsSometimes affects people with allergies to certain plants. Can cause upset stomach, headache, rash, or drowsiness. Be careful if you have an autoimmune disease like Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, or HIVTea:
¼ cup to 8 oz water brewed

.5-2 grams, 3 times daily
TribulusAphrodisiac for women (especially when mixed with kava, damiana, and shatavari), increases women’s ability to orgasm, increases athletic performance, can help with ED, help with muscle recovery, improves menopausal symptoms, help with menstrual issuesDo not take while pregnant or breastfeeding, can decrease blood sugar levels and blood pressure, ask a doctor about dosing if you take lithium .5-2 grams 
ShatavariAphrodisiac, can help with the treatment of diabietic nephropathy, helps protect kidneys, reduces cholesterol and oxidative stress, helps treat ulcers, relieves anxiety, aids with IBS, helps with alcohol withdrawal, pain relieving, helps with PMS and menopausal symptomsCan act as a diuretic, do not take if allergic to asparagus, be cautious with hormone-sensitive conditions, do not take if breast feeding or pregnant.5-3 grams

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